behind the sauce

Our Catering Service

More than 20 years of catering and event planning services along with years of culinary training.

Kooi Events Since 2001

Our History

Our Family​

Kooi Events Chef comes from a lineage of restaurant owners. 

Food for Thought

All our recipes and cooking techniques are well thought out and we pay close attention to the details from presentation to flavor before we place it in front of our guests to enjoy.

authentic and MODERN

We appreciate the authentic recipes from our past and we provide a presentation and use modern techniques to give our guests the complete Kooi Experience of art, aroma, texture and flavor. 

Meet The Chef

Kim ooi

For over 18 years, I have captivated diners with spectacular and scrumptious dishes infused with vibrant creativity and a joyful spirit of adventure.

I have been around the kitchen since I was just a child. I graduated Le Cordon Bleu in 2002, and since then, I have played with all sorts of cuisines: from classic comfort American to far-east Asian cuisines. I have worked in a couple of incredible restaurants in Southern California such as Upstairs 2, JiRaff, Joe’s Restaurant ( Michilin one star), L’Orangerie, Mamash, and Ortolan (Michilin one star). I have become one of the elite chef features in Airbnb located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Palm Spring, La Quinta, Indio & Palm Dessert. One of the most requested chef for Luxury Retreats and Amex Centurion club.

I take pride in surpassing client expectations with unmatched culinary artistry that enhances banquets, weddings, themed parties, and other events with exquisitely prepared high-end cuisine and inspired creativity.

My team and I have an extensive career, a casual open-minded personality, and a couple of great secrets of LA to share! The perfect recipe for a memorable experience around the table!


The Concept

Our diverse experience has gave us the capabilities of customizing a menu for your event and giving it a feeling of personalization for our clients.