Chef Chong Kim Ooi
Executive Chef, Kooievents


“Always put yourself into your client’s position. 
if you don’t want to eat it, then don’t serve it”

The Executive Chef at L’Orangerie, the iconic French restaurant in Beverly Hills,
once told Chef Kim to always cook with his heart and soul. Cooking should always be about passion and dedication. If you hesitate over the food you are preparing, then you will not create a meal that your guests
will enjoy. Chef Kim took this philosophy to heart while studying at the California School of Culinary Arts (now known as Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts).  Indeed, Kim was still an eager student when he began his culinary journey at L’Orangerie.  Kim looks back on that as the most brutal and intense training of his
life – and also as the most valuable experience he’s ever had.

After a full year at L’Orangerie, Kim broadened his culinary focus by joining Joe’s, a popular California cuisine eatery in Venice Beach, California.  Within five years at Joe’s, Kim earned his Sous Chef title and the restaurant was awarded one of the most honorable distinctions in the culinary world - the Michelin one star.

But Chef Kim’s quest for new skills did not stop there.  He went on to work at JiRaffe (a California French bistro) and Ortolan (modern French and another Michelin one star).  After honing his artistry at these two fine establishments, Chef Kim seized the opportunity to work in restaurants that concentrated on wine pairing and catering.  
Upstairs 2 became Kim’s focal point for the next two years.

After that, Kim’s talent was noticed by the owners of Mamash, a kosher restaurant in Beverly Hills who
made him their new Executive Sous Chef.  Embracing the challenge, Kim helped to invent new
menu items that revolutionized kosher dining.

After years in Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Beverly Hills, Kim finally decided to take his culinary skill to Hollywood. He accepted a position as an Executive Sous Chef in a restaurant with a Hollywood and Asian twist. The restaurant‘s partners also owned four upscale clubs in Hollywood, providing Kim with limitless opportunities to prepare food for entertainment and corporate clients such as InStyle magazine, Sony Studios, People magazine and many more. Managing major events such as these reinforced Chef Kim’s knowledge and creativity and laid a strong foundation for working on any kind of occasion, events and dining experience.

Chef Kim thrives on adventure. Exploring new ingredients and components has always been his passion and he eagerly seeks out platforms from which to blaze new culinary trails that will bring delight to everyone who takes a seat at his table.



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